Provides information about the content of pharmacophore-screening databases (see psdcreate).


psdinfo [-hVvpCPF] [-c arg] [-l arg] -i arg [arg]…

Mandatory options

-i [ –input ] arg

Database(s) to analyze.

Other options

-h [ –help ] [=arg(=SHORT)]

Print help message and exit (ABOUT, USAGE, SHORT, ALL or ‘name of option’, default: SHORT).

-V [ –version ]

Print version information and exit.

-v [ –verbosity ] [=arg(=VERBOSE)]

Verbosity level of information output (QUIET, ERROR, INFO, VERBOSE, DEBUG, default: INFO).

-c [ –config ] arg

Use file with program options.

-l [ –log-file ] arg

Redirect text-output to file.

-p [ –progress ] [=arg(=1)]

Show progress bar (default: true).

-C [ –conf-stats ] [=arg(=1)]

Print molecule conformation count statistics (default: false).

-P [ –pharm-stats ] [=arg(=1)]

Print pharmacophore feature count statistics (default: false).

-F [ –feature-stats ] [=arg(=1)]

Print feature type statistics (default: false).